Hire a Remote Virtual Assistant For Call Answering

competitive business world, keeping your consumers happy is highly important.


Hire a Remote Virtual Assistant For Call Answering

In this competitive business world, keeping your consumers happy is highly important. On any given day, it has been analyzed that consumers tend to make maximum calls to your workplace, the other phone calls being made by vendors, stakeholders, and partners of your brand. Only 25% of callers tend to hear a live voice, whereas 75% of callers hang up on hearing a voicemail.
That’s why having a person to attend all your phone calls is a must. The best solution is to hire a virtual assistant. You can appoint a remote virtual assistant from Vgrow Solutions to answer all the phone calls that you receive on a business day. The virtual assistant that you recruit would respond to calls during office hours, just like a personal full-time assistant. The assistant makes sure that all the calls that you receive from your clients, vendors, partners, and others are answered professionally.

Vgrow Solutions’ Virtual Assistant Can Handle Tasks

  • Attend all your business calls with a welcome message of your brand
  • Fix business appointments or meeting by making and answering calls
  • Maintain a record of all calls received and responded on a daily basis
  • Collect information from phone calls attended and pass it on to you
  • Respond all calls with a pleasing voice tone

Why Recruit a Virtual Assistant from Vgrow Solutions

  • Ignore spending in setting up phone lines that get diverted to your personal number
  • Have your all phone calls answered even when you are not present in the office
  • Considerable cost savings
  • Inexpensive approach as compared to hiring a full-time assistant
  • A polite and professional approach
  • Use of professional languages
  • A virtual remote assistant has an imperative infrastructure to respond to all phone calls
  • A highly experienced and trained assistant
  • Inbuilt security protocol to keep the information from calls confidential
  • Capability to modify call script as needed at anytime

With so many benefits, it would be an intelligent decision to appoint a virtual remote assistant to have all your business calls answered.
You may contact us anytime to recruit a virtual assistant to attain all your business call answering requirements

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